Terri Broughton

Teen & Student Stress

Terri is a passionate lifelong learner, teacher, consultant, change worker, trainer and coach, as well as a leader, a mother and grandmother, a published writer and an artist.
Her work centres around principles which are the source of our feelings and experiences, and are the key to raising our overall level of well-being and creating the results that matter. She sees the transformative power of her clients true nature, and supports them to achieve the results they seek.
Terri has developed her coaching career over many years and is highly qualified. She is interested in supporting her clients to find the clarity they seek.
Her current clients are from the private sector, education, leadership and people who are seeking more clarity in their lives.

‘Frustration and striving for something external probably describes best my state of mind a few months back. All manor of turmoil had ensued in my thinking and began to seriously distract me. The remarkable notion of it all is that the only thing Terri made clear, in the beginning, changed everything: you already have the insight and wisdom within. It didn’t require me to have to learn a ‘new model’ or read another book, it wasn’t a readout from another quantified questionnaire. You have a history of accomplishment and all the ingredients for further success you’re equipped with. I honestly think the most profound idea I was able to glean from her was that my nature, within, is enough. Now, living from within requires new habits and herein begins an exciting journey. Truthfully, I’m at the beginning of this but with a renewed sense of freedom. Terri listens in a way that hears you, not necessarily what you’re saying, and then brings you along as part of the reflection…frankly, it’s a little astonishing at first because then she helps you see that the reflection after all is you…”   Lee, Global Marketing (The Americas) Enterprise Holdings, inc. 2017

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