June Presenters

June 28, 2019 6:00 pm - London Time

Jamie Smart

From Chaos To Clarity: Taking Action In The Face of Stress Uncertainty and Overwhelm

Jamie Smart is a Sunday Times bestselling author, trainer and executive coach with over 20 years of experience.  He’s a master of transformation, and has a proven track-record of helping his clients make extraordinary changes and create outstanding results.

He and his team have a vision: to inspire and educate a generation to experience lives of clarity, resilience and wellbeing.

 More about Jamie …

June 28, 2019 1:00am - London Time

Lori Carpenos

If Only I Knew This

Lori was a middle school art teacher and art therapist when she heard of Syd Banks and his findings about the human experience. As she learned from Mr Banks and his students, she witnessed her own life and the lives of others improve so much, that she knew she had to share what she was finding.

She coauthored a middle school curriculum, with Dr. Jack Pransky, for The Safer Society Press, “Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing from The Inside-Out” and authored “It’s an Inside-Out World” for pre-teens.

She currently holds a weekly teen group in addition to a private practice and provides three day intensive retreats and online coaching.  She has also co-created the online course: “What is Love”.   

More about Lori …

June 27, 2019 8:00pm

Christine Heath

What Is Love & Where Does It Come From

Christine is a licensed marriage and family therapist in both the States of Hawaii and Minnesota and is also a master addictions counselor.

34 years ago, she co-founded the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, an outpatient clinic devoted to teaching the Three Principles. The Center has expanded to include six offices on two different islands.

She has created substance abuse, anger management, restorative justice, and counseling programs based on the Three Principles and designed a supervision program for both pre and post graduate students. Christine provides hands on instruction to both her students and her staff.

More about Christine …

June 27, 2019 7:00pm

Erika Bugbee

The Secret of Everything For Students

Erika Bugbee, M.A. has spent the past two decades helping individuals, families, couples, and executives. Her experience includes working with people individually and teaching groups that include business leaders, engineers, hospital staff, and the University of Washington Mental Health Center practitioners. Her greatest area of expertise is her work with young adults.

She now has her own practice to follow her passion of specializing in teens, young adults, and parents.  More about Erika …

June 27, 2019 9:00am - London Time

Tania Elfersy

What if your hormones are getting it right?

Tania Elfersy is an award-winning author and transformative coach, whose passion is to help women reach a more joyful and empowering experience of their life-cycles.

More about Tania …

June 26, 2019 11:00am

Liz Scott and Stu Newberry

Changing School Cultures From The Inside Out

Liz Scott and Stu Newberry are a husband and wife team working extensively with leaders in education. They are inspired by simplicity of the message that they share. This message encourages the leaders to look inside to discover their true source of resilience and wellbeing.

Liz and Stu are also engaging with young people, to explore what their views are on mental health and how we can best support them in the world.

More about Liz and Stu …

June 26, 2019 9:00am

Elizabeth Lovius

How to help other (young) people see their innate wellbeing

Elizabeth is a Leadership Wellbeing Coach and Social Entrepreneur specialising in resilience, relationships and wellbeing.  As a Social Entrepreneur, Elizabeth’s mission is to contribute to a global shift in wellbeing, one human being at a time. She is Founder of the Social Enterprise: The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective – a multi-disciplined network of experienced practitioners who deliver social projects of real change that enable wellbeing for everyone – for young people, for adults, for business, for the planet.       More about Elizabeth …

June 25 , 2019 7:00pm

Barbara Patterson

From Self Conscious To Self Confident

Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of performance and fulfillment to clients around the world. She helps organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of performance in work and life. Barb is the Founder of Beyond Limits in Business and host of the Real Business Real Lives podcast.   More about Barb …

June 25, 2019 10:00am

Mandy Spray

Teenage Wisdom

I am a Wellbeing Coach and Mentor based in the UK. I am a Mum of two young adults and have absolutely loved spending time with them and getting to know how they see the world!
I have worked with teenagers and young adults, including those going through ‘special’ education or support services. I also work with parents and support professionals. To me it’s all about having a different conversation (with a lot of listening!) in order to help people to make sense of life and what’s going on for them.
More about Mandy …

June 24, 2019 9:00pm - London Time

Dr Bill Pettit

One Cause & One Cure For Mental Illness

Bill Pettit has shared the Three Principles within his psychiatric practice for more than 35 years. 

Bill was mentored personally for over 26 years by Sydney Banks, and his direct experience with Syd’s teaching closely informs his work. 

His most recent speaking and coaching work has focused on overcoming trauma, and the understanding that there is just one cause—and one cure—for mental illness. 

Bill is board-certified in psychiatry and holds an M.D. from University of Illinois College of Medicine and a B.A. from Creighton University, and has been previously board-certified in mind-body medicine, and twice certified in addiction medicine.    More about Bill …

June 24, 2019 7:00pm - London Time

Linda Ford

Becoming Rejection-Proof

Linda is a certified master coach, author, podcaster, and teacher, who has a soft spot for smart, talented, and brilliant people, who, despite all of that, continue to hold themselves back in their work; continue to second-guess their ideas instead of sharing them; and who hide out in life because they never feel good enough.
Linda is a Brit, born in Belfast. She has lived in England and Australia and now lives in the US. Her accent is a melting pot of all of these places.   More about Linda …

June 24, 2019 7:00pm - London Time

Lana Bastianutti

Becoming Rejection-Proof

Lana is a professional certified coach, author, podcaster, blogger and mentor who loves to wake people up to their worth so that they can make an impact in their work and in their lives.

Lana believes that any transformation begins on the inside. She has the uncanny ability to dig deep and help her clients uncover life-changing realizations…as well as finding and appreciating the humor in almost any situation.

More about Lana …

June 24, 2019 9:00am - London Time

Deborah Binun

The Missing Peace In Childbirth

Deborah Binun BSc, MA, MBACP, is a Psychotherapist, Three Principles Practitioner and Birth Educator.

Author of The Missing Peace in Childbirth, she guides women to discover how birth can be a rich, powerful and magical experience.

Deborah also supports women with prenatal depression, birth fears, postnatal depression and trauma.   More about Deborah … 

June 22, 2019 7:00pm

Jules and Rudi Kennard

Following Your Innate Super Power

Rudi and Jules are a married couple and share an understanding of the mind that helps people thrive in life. They specialise in helping others connect to the ‘deep knowing’ within and allow their lives to flow in resonance with this. Their courses, videos and media have now reached over a million people. 

More about Jules and Rudi …

June 22, 2019 5:00pm London Time

Emily and Sarah Phipp

Growing Up With The Principles From A Teen’s Perspective

Emily, aged 14, has been exposed to the principles for 6 years through ‘living with it’ in a home where, Sarah, her mum is a 3 Principle’s teacher. Incredibly, Emily has found that just living with someone who sees the insightful truth of how our psychological experience is created, has been enough to create massive change for her. She feels she has become more resilient, more creative and even overcome her fear of heights.

Emily sees the radical difference between herself and her peers when it comes to coping with pressure, be that at school, with challenging relationships, self image or social media. More about Emily and Sarah …

June 21, 2019 at 7:00pm London Time

Michael Neill

Staying Sane In A Crazy World

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of six books including Supercoach, Creating the Impossible, The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within.
His weekly radio show, Living from the Inside Out, has been a listener favorite on Hay House Radio for over a decade and his TEDx talks, ‘Why Aren’t We Awesomer?’and ‘Can a TEDx Talk Really Change the World?’ have been viewed by over a million people around the world.
​His weekly blog and podcast, Caffeine for the Soul, is now in its 19th year and going strong!   More about Michael …

June 21, 2019 10:30am London Time

Andrea Morrison

How I Know You've Got This

My journey into Personal Development started quite a number of years ago when I was at a stage when I had completely burnt myself out. I was very stressed working really long hours my life was completely out of balance, my confidence was probably at it’s lowest ebb and you know that negative voice in your head that you may get from time to time, well mine had taken permanent residence, so much so I eventually gave it a name! I had been a practising Barrister for nearly 10 years. Initially, I blamed the job. 

When I was introduced to a simple understanding, founded by the late Sydney Banks,  that explains how as humans we really create our experience this work impacted me so intensely, had such a positive effect on all aspects of my life, that I am now passionate about sharing it with others.   More about Andrea …

June 20, 2019 8:00pm - London Time

Jacquie Forde

Beyond The Need for Self Help

Jacquie Forde is a Coach, Mentor , Trainer and International Speaker who lives in Scotland and works globally. She is a gifted teacher, coach and intuitive, Jacquie has always known there was more to life than she could see, understand or touch.

Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious, humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor who regularly works with politicians, organisational leaders, entrepreneurs, disadvantaged communities, fellow coaches and women of all ages who want to discover clarity in their careers, the secret to success, improve their resilience, intuition, power and capabilities to live their best lives.

Her work delivers conscious expansion and peace of mind to clients in all walks of life.

More about Jacquie …

June 20, 2019 6:30pm - London Time

Mia Rosenberg

Thoughts That Make You Go “ Ugh"

Mia Rosenberg recently experienced an incredible transformation in her own life.

In just 3 days her life changed and the eating disorder that had caused both her and her parents so much concern no longer made sense once she understood how her mind actually worked.  Mia now works with children and young adults to help them thrive and live life free from eating disorders, depression and anxiety.     More about Mia …

June 19, 2019 8:00pm

Rebecca Perkins & Bea Arscott

Recovery from Within: A mother and daughter's journey through anorexia

Rebecca has worked as a professional wellbeing and resilience coach for 12 years with both individuals and in groups, and across all ages and sectors. More recently she has focused her work with young people who are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, addictions and eating disorders.

Bea lives and works in London where she grew up. Just over ten years ago she was diagnosed with Anorexia which she battled with for a number of years. She has now fully recovered has since become a mentor for an eating disorders charity.  More about Rebecca and Bea …

June 18, 2019 8:00pm - London Time

Wendi Saggese

Three Very Simple Principles

As a teenager, I was depressed and low in the “self-esteem” department. So, at the tender age of 16, I embarked on a journey to “fix” myself – with methodologies, techniques and practices.

I just wanted to feel good about myself. But none of it helped.   Until, in 2011, I came across a simple changed my life.  Now, I’m happier, calmer and more confident than I’ve ever felt before I don’t stress as much over important decisions. My relationships are finally fulfilling, and I’m enjoying life more than ever have before.

I have Stage Four Breast Cancer, and if not for this understanding, I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far.  More about Wendi …

June 18, 2019 6:00pm - London Time

Sheela Masand

You Are Enough

Sheela has created herself (quite by accident) a lifestyle business! She lives on the Costa Blanca in Spain and is never happier than when she is basking in the warmth of the sunshine of which there are 320 days per year! Being her own boss gives her the freedom to choose when she spends time with her 2 grown up daughters, friends and travel to see family. It also means that when she needs some down time she can do that too. She has come to respect and treasure the ever present wisdom (at least when she remembers!) that speaks to us all and is guided by that in business and life.     More about Sheela … 

June 17, 2019 6:00pm

Julian Freeman

Spread Your Wings and Fly

I love making films with feeling, and supporting inspired people to make their own films that share themselves with the world.

My films show me, time and time again how amazing we are when we go with the gifts that life is sending us and that is what I’m inspired to share with you.

More about Julian …


June 15, 2019 6:00pm London Time

Morten Hake

HOME FREE - Creating A Life From Your True Self

Morten is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He’s passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he’s not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he’s probably enjoying the stage whether it’s a dance floor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.
More about Morten

June 14, 2019 7:00pm London Time

Judith & Satyajit Joel Peters

The Secret To A Happy Loving Relationship

Satyajit Joel is a 3P coach; professional yoga teacher & yoga therapist; speaker; retired scientist; cyclist; performing artist; terminal cancer survivor; human Being.  More about Satyajit Joel …

June 14, 2019 5:00pm London Time

Monique Koven

Freedom From Chronic PTSD From Childhood Trauma

As a survivor of childhood trauma, I know what it’s like to believe that things will never change. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and chronic PTSD. I was always trying to find the right therapy to provide some relief and finally “fix” me. Over the years, I tried well over 15 therapeutic modalities, but nothing ever helped. I lived for decades with chronic anxiety, fear, and distressing daily PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks, disassociation, and triggering. I was told that my trauma and anxiety were going to be with me for the long haul, and that I would have to learn to cope and manage my symptoms. I believed it. Until… everything changed.
I have found lasting freedom from chronic anxiety and PTSD symptoms.  More about Monique …

June 13, 2019 5:00pm London Time

Debra Simmons

A Bold and Daring Life

Debra came across this spiritual understanding of life in 2011, when her life was in a mess. she was confused unhappy anxious and insecure.
She has watched her life change for the better in ways she would never have thought possible.
The people she works with get results that blow her mind.
Life is fun these days and Debra is confident happy and outgoing.

More about Deb …

June 12, 2019 7:00pm London Time

Annika Hurwitt

Resilient Teens: What I’ve seen in 25 years teaching the Three Principles to Teenagers

Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D is a psychotherapist and coach. She teaches a fundamental understanding of the mind that leads to increased mental presence, mental clarity and calm, and increased resiliency. Annika works with leaders, individuals, couples and teens. She lives in Temple, NH with her daughter, Rhianna. 

More about Annika …

June 11, 2019 6:00pm

Ellenoj la Magnifique

The Magnificent Illusion of Life

Although I am a fellow human being, I am also an “illusioniste extraordinaire”.

Every day my human form somehow creates the world that I live in.

It appears as if I’m living in a very concrete, solid world of people, and things, and events, and facts, but I’ve discovered that what I think, is not always what I think it is.

Perhaps you may be surprised to discover that you and I are not so different.

More about Ellenoj la Magnifique …

June 11, 2019 2:00pm London Time

Brooke Wheeldon-Reece

Trust Your Spark

Brooke Wheeldon-Reece, MBA, is the President/CEO of The SPARK Initiative, Inc. She is the co-author of the S.P.A.R.K. (Speaking to the Potential, Ability and Resilience inside Kids) Mentoring Programs which are currently being taught to 1,000’s of children in Tampa and around the world. Prior to her work with The SPARK Initiative, she was a national trainer for the Mendez Foundation’s nationally recognized Too Good for Drugs and Violence prevention programs. She also spent time as a business consultant and curriculum developer for Verizon and Learning.com.

Brooke knew she found her home with The SPARK Initiative after watching her husband come out of a deep depression with seemingly little effort. She now dedicates her work to creating sustainable change throughout all populations via mentoring, coaching and teaching an understanding of the mind. Brooke lives in Florida with her husband Will and their children. 

More about Brooke …

June 10, 2019 5:00pm London Time

Ankush Jain

Self Esteem From The Inside Out

Ankush is the founder of the Powerful Mens Group and has run sold out Powerful Men’s Immersions in the UK for 5 years.

He was the host of the successful Relationship Series podcast and in 2018 start the new Business Series Podcast aimed at a corporate audience.

He has also recently published his first book – Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL you.

Ankush is a UK based coach and author. He started his coaching journey in 2012, whilst enjoying a successful corporate career and transitioned to coaching full-time in 2015.

More about Ankush …

June 10, 2019 1:00pm London Time

Louise O'Dalaigh

Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning.

Louise is a wife and Mum of 4 children who works as a senior manager in Health care service in N Ireland . Louise also coaches within and outside of her healthcare work. Louise started as a nurse in healthcare and has worked in various roles as a ward sister, a bed manager and service leader. Louise trained with Jamie Smart as a Clarity Coach and has been deepening her understanding of the the 3 principles understanding over the last 3-4 years.

More about Louise …

June 8, 2019 10:00am

Ivana Culham

Understanding Life From The Inside Out

I am a wellbeing coach and feel love working with young people, parents and adults in general. I also love supporting adults who work with young people.

My work evolves around having conversations and explorations around how the human mind – our human operating system works. And what I love the most is that in that exploration something magical starts to happen.

More about Ivana

June 7 2019 3:00pm London Time

Giles P. Croft

Enjoy What You Do No Matter What

Giles left a career as a qualified surgeon to pursue a dream of riding his bike for a living. From medical writing to policy advising, IT consultancy to keynote speaking, cycle journalism to inspirational blogging, his occupations have always been fuelled by the simple concept of “More of what you like, less of what you don’t.”

More about Giles …

Stef Cybichowsk

June 6, 2019 6:00pm

Stef Cybichowsk

A New Psychology For A New World

In my professional life, I am a master transformative coach, trainer and international speaker. I have an absolute passion for helping people to wake up to their own innate wellbeing. In so doing, they can discover their infinite creative genius and potential at work and to live life with far more joy, love, ease, and grace than most people ever think possible.
in my time I have worked in the corporate sector and owned several successful businesses including an art gallery and a design studio. Over the last 6 years, I have shared the fundamental ‘Inside Out” understanding behind how the mind works, which is the invisible key to unlocking our unlimited potential.   More about Stef …

June 6, 2019 3:00pm

Marie Arymar

The R Word: Revision!

As a wellbeing coach, I work with people from any age group, but primarily with younger people aged 10 years and older. This time of close connection time is focused on listening and guiding them back to the person they truly are. Realising we are already okay can be very powerful.

More about Marie …

June 4, 2019 4:30pm London Time

Ken Manning

Bringing an Understanding of How The Mind Works To Business

Ken has been interested in finding simple solutions to help people be at their best for as long as he can remember. He pursued three degrees in psychology from Brown University, Lesley College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He practiced as a clinical psychologist for 20 years.

In parallel to his career in psychology, Ken also has a strong background in business, including roles in various start-ups as national sales manager, director of marketing, and advisory board member. He co-founded with his son-in-law, a successful software development company, which he still leads.

In 1999 he began innovating ways to bring insight principles into the corporate world and joined with partner Robin Charbit to form their company Insight Principles. More about Ken … 

Dr Amy Johnson
Dr Amy Johnson

June 3, 2019 2:00pm London Time

Dr Amy Johnson

What Are Emotions and Where Do They Come From?

Amy Johnson, PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower. She is author of Being Human (2013), and The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016). In 2017 she opened The Little School of Big Change, an online school that has helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety and habits and live a more peaceful life.

Johnson has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and Oprah.com, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.

More about Amy …

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