Emily and Sarah Phipp

Growing Up With The Principles From A Teen’s Perspective

Emily, aged 14, has been exposed to the principles for 6 years through ‘living with it’ in a home where, Sarah, her mum is a 3 Principle’s teacher. Incredibly, Emily has found that just living with someone who sees the insightful truth of how our psychological experience is created, has been enough to create massive change for her. She feels she has become more resilient, more creative and even overcome her fear of heights.

Emily noticed herself changing alongside her Mum over the years. There have been specific times where Emily has wanted to delve into the understanding herself, be that through listening to Sydney Banks, or tagging along to Mum’s talks or training days, particularly at times when she’s had a prolonged period of time where she’s felt depressed or anxious. The relationship that Emily and Sarah have knowing how thoughts and feelings are created, has been a joy to experience. No subject has been too taboo or off limits!

Emily sees the radical difference between herself and her peers when it comes to coping with pressure, be that at school, with challenging relationships, self image or social media.

Sarah is a transformational health & wellbeing coach
Sarah runs a busy practice sharing her years of knowledge gained from extensive training in health and nutrition, and the psychology of health and wellbeing. Her work is very much reflective of her own journey of healing.

Her life, looked very different twelve years ago, when she struggled with severe mental and physical ill health and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which she is now fully recovered and thriving.
Sarah’s particular interest is focused on the mind: body connection, recognizing the importance of how we create our experience from our state of mind and how this affects the body’s physiology. This ground-breaking approach teaches a new paradigm in psychology that helps clients de-clutter and quieten their minds to tap into their own powerful intuition, so that healing happens from within.

As Sarah works with many parents, inevitably parenting from the ‘inside-out’has also become a major focus for much of her work.
This simple approach is making a huge impact on her clients, pointing them towards greater peace of mind and wellbeing in all areas of their lives.


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