Rochelle Gance

The Simple and Complete Solution to Eating Disorders Low Self Esteem and Not Feeling Good Enough

A passing comment from my father when I was 12, warning me about getting fat from having sweets, was the trigger for an almost 30-year battle with eating disorders and obsessive, controlling thoughts around food, my body and everything else.
It was a battle that enslaved me to the point of dangerous ill health but it was also the beginning of a long journey to personal empowerment, self-love and self-acceptance, though little did I realise at the time.
Growing up in a stressful, perfectionist household, with low self-esteem and exceptional shyness, I struggled with feelings of not being good enough, of not measuring up, and I started searching for ways to improve myself, to change.
I was driven by an internal restlessness and dissatisfaction, a need to fix what I believed was broken inside me. I placed enormous pressure on myself to be perfect, to fit this impossible ideal in my head of how I should look and feel and be in my life.
It wasn’t until I came across the understanding that underpins the work I now do with my clients, that things truly began to shift for me. I began to see this fixation on food and body image and anxiety in a whole new light. That it wasn’t about needing to work hard on this problem and staying strong, in fact it wasn’t an issue I had to resolve at all.
Discovering this understanding, this insight into how we experience the world, completely changed my life in the most profound way. And it was so much simpler than I every thought. I have a feeling of freedom and I feel Calm, Connected and Resilient in a way I never ever felt before.
My wish for you is to have something come to life for you in a whole new way. And to have an impact for you that is profound. I hope to meet you soon.  With Love Rochelle x

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