Marina Galán

Marina Galán

When and How To Say NO

I am a mother, coach and consultant working with individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.
My life before the Principles had been rather ordinary: lots of suffering, lots of lostness, lots of searching, and a knowing that someone somewhere knew not only how to make sense of it all, but how to turn it around, somehow.
I lived with a deep, unspoken desire to find that someone.
When I found this understanding, something absolutely unexpected happened: everything that was unnecessary in my mind and in my life fell away and I was left contemplating a simple yet profound truth about humanness. The simplicity of it was what made the difference, yet the impact it has since brought and continues to bring to each and every aspect of my life has been as profound as it has been beautiful. And things did turn around. So much so, that since that day, I have dedicated my life to sharing this understanding, especially in Spanish speaking countries.

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