Davida Arnold

You're Sitting On A Million Bucks & You Don't Even Know It

My personal bio is highlighted by my introduction to the Principles that are behind the Secret of Everything in 2014 and the effect seeing them had on my life over the following years. At the time I was living with what I describe as a heavy layer of sadness in my life, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed it if you knew me then. On the outside, things looked great and in essence they were. I had a wonderful husband and marriage, 4 beautiful young children, and was building a coaching practice. But, on the inside I felt majorly stuck, irritated, and frustrated.

For years it seemed like the people and circumstances in my life were the cause of how I was feeling. So, naturally I tried (and struggled for years) to change and fix those things so that I could feel better. From my husbands behavior, my children’s behavior, our financial issues, to the endless state of dirty laundry and messy rooms in my house, it all seemed to be what was making me feel so sad and in need of fixing. But, they weren’t. I only truly understood that after seeing for myself how our minds really work and who we really are. It was then that layer of heaviness lifted. It was also then that the words my beloved grandmother said to me so many times when I was a kid made sense: “You’re sitting on a million bucks and you don’t even know it.” We have everything we need inside us already.

My professional bio is highlighted by a bachelors degree in engineering, a masters degree in pastoral counseling, and certifications as a Certified Clarity Coach and a Board Certified Coach. I also am an associate pre-kindergarten teacher, and I am inspired to point students, teachers, and parents in the direction of how our minds work and who we really are.

I live in Ohio with my husband and our three children.


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