Andrea Morrison

How I Know You've Got This

My journey into Personal Development started quite a number of years ago when I was at a stage when I had completely burnt myself out. I was very stressed working really long hours my life was completely out of balance, my confidence was probably at it’s lowest ebb and you know that negative voice in your head that you may get from time to time, well mine had taken permanent residence, so much so I eventually gave it a name!
I had been a practising Barrister for nearly 10 years, I had a busy UK based practice specialising in Employment Law, listed in the Legal 500 and had been appointed Treasury Counsel which I balanced with having three small children.
Initially, I blamed the job, so I changed it, I tutored and inspired students at York University for three years, I had retrained as a Barrister, as a mature student, yes, a female with checkered educational background (including 2 failing schools & poor A levels!), I got myself into a Durham University, after giving up a successful career in Local Authority and then enjoyed a successful career in law. It seemed the perfect and logical step.
I felt that this move would solve many of the personal difficulties I had faced. However, whilst it did in some respects, many aspects of my mindset that had dominated my career at the Bar (and before then), were still there.
So I started my own business, but it soon became apparent that if I wanted my life to change I had to work on myself, on my inside, my mindset, otherwise I was going ever to get more of the same.
I then spent the following years training with some of the best in the field of personal development, training in Life coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, when I was introduced to a simple understanding, founded by the late Sydney Banks,  that explains how as humans we really create our experience. This work impacted me so intensely, had such a positive effect on all aspects of my life, that I am now passionate about sharing it with others.

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