Ali Scott

Being Titanium

I’m Ali, and I’m a Transformative Coach, teacher, writer and consultant. I have a private coaching practice as well as being a speaker and workshop facilitator.

I work with people from all walks of life and who face a variety of struggles – from navigating separation and divorce to facing the challenges of parenting, whether in partnership or on one’s own. I continue to coach and support clients dealing with issues around relationships, stress, overwhelm and burnout; those living with chronic illness, anxiety and depression; and those grappling with performance issues, fears and phobias, or difficulties with food and weight. I work with people of all ages including children and young adults.

My own journey has included suffering with severe anxiety, panic attacks and chronic fatigue syndrome culminating in a severe burn-out. I’ve weathered a rollercoaster marriage and a divorce while raising two very young children. I numbed out with alcohol and shopping, and I spent a great deal of time searching for answers and solutions to endless variations of the question “what is the point of life?”. After years of incessant seeking and training, I was fortunate enough to be pointed towards some deep knowledge about our true nature, a simple understanding of how our human existence works, that changed everything for me and the way I experience life.

My passion is supporting others as they uncover their innate happiness, resilience and well-being, access their peace of mind and live a more beautiful life.

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