Vivienne Edgecombe

Your Life Can Be Easier Than You Think - The 2 Secrets of Everything!

I thought life had a recipe, and if you followed it you would be happy. Well, life doesn’t follow the recipe I thought it did, and I believed that meant I was destined never to be quite happy or quite fulfilled. I thought I was going to have a lesser life.
Discovering the 3 Principles understanding flipped that on its head, and helped me realise that not only is that not true for me, it’s not true for anybody. We come fully equipped to live a life of love, joy and contentment beyond our wildest dreams.

I now live, write books and work in a corner of paradise in the French Pyrenees, with my husband, a dog, a cat, and some chickens. Through writing and coaching I point people as best I can towards the truth of what lies at the heart of us, and together we watch the magic unfold.


Welcome to The Secret of Everything!

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