Robin Lockhart

Being Titanium

Robin is a powerful change maker, facilitating transformational processes, which enable individuals and groups to get to the core of any problems or challenges they face and to find the answers they seek.

We all get told stories about who we are, what we can or can’t do, who or what we can become and also mustn’t even dream of becoming.
We also tell ourselves stories about all of this too.
This project enables participants to see that none of these stories are true!
They only become true if we believe them.

We can all re-write our stories… It is up to us what our next chapters contain.

His natural abilities enable Robin to communicate as effectively with young children as he can with Teachers, Senior Management, Company Directors or Politicians. Robin sat on an all-party policy advisory group on Youth and Crime in London, was a member of the London Serious Youth Violence Board, and a regular contributor to Scotland Yard’s Anti-Social Behaviour Forum. He is Vice Chair of MOPAC’s Victims’ Reference Group and 2018 Robin was made Global Youth Work Ambassador for the Commonwealth after receiving the Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year Award in 2016-17. Prior to that, in 2016, Robin was shortlisted for the Restorative Practitioner of the Year. In 2009 Robin was awarded the Kids Count Inspiration Award at the House of Lords and in 2012 he received a Team London Award from London’s Mayor.

Robin’s initiatives improve wellbeing as people often seek solutions to emotional challenges from external reference points… ‘If only I had that hair, those shoes, that car, those friends, that boy/girlfriend etc… then I’d be happy’… and yet we all know intuitively that these factors cannot produce the emotional states we desire. We end up on a ‘wild goose chase’ – looking in the wrong place. All emotions emanate from within. Violence is an internal emotional response to external factors that generates awful consequences for those around it. The solutions to such behaviour (and indeed all emotional challenges) are found within the individual. In order to alter our behaviour, we must change our thought processes – alternative responses to those external factors must be discovered by the individual themselves. It cannot be done ‘to’ but must rather emerge from. We cannot expect people to adopt behaviours that they are unaware of or that make no sense to them. It is only by recognising the true source of our personal wellbeing that such changes can be achieved. When people are provided with supportive opportunities to explore their inner-workings through workshops and performance, it becomes easier to ‘try on’ different states of being. All change begins in the mind and Robin’s programmes stimulate this process – enabling new stories to be written and new roles adopted (on stage and in life).

Robin has developed an outstanding international reputation as a specialist professional offering high-impact coaching, project management, training, research, evaluation, interventions and front-line delivery services to individuals and communities globally.

He is a strong communicator with highly developed interpersonal, negotiation, management, organisational and creative thinking skills.

Working primarily with communities around areas of specific and often acute need; supporting groups / individuals to identify issues and problems that may be affecting them or their community, Robin enables people to take ownership of such issues and embeds problem solving processes to enable resolutions.

Robin is a skilled change specialist and a fully Restorative Practitioner, utilising a range of coaching and therapeutic methodologies. He is a strong communicator, able to engage with all ages and people from all walks of life. Robin brings high levels of energy to projects and programmes and manages to generate opportunities for change and progress with a diverse range of groups and individuals.

Robin began his career as a qualified and experienced Youth and Community Development professional after spending many years working in the professional Creative Industries.
Robin holds a BA(Hons) in Informal and Community Education from Christchurch University – Canterbury.

Robin is from a family that includes multiple ethnicities and faiths and has utilised his background to enable him to provide powerful Training, Interventions, Project Management and Consultancy through effective engagement to diverse communities throughout the world via his Social Enterprise, Catalyst In Communities
Also the CEO of the Charity Through Unity (supporting families bereaved through homicide) – after working in partnership with the charity for several years, Robin stepped in to the role in 2016.

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