Marie Arymar

The R Word: Revision!

As a wellbeing coach, I work with people from any age group, but primarily with younger people aged 10 years and older. This time of close connection time is focused on listening and guiding them back to the person they truly are. Realising we are already okay can be very powerful.

I have worked with a wide range of people all my life; from being a youth worker in my early 20s, through to a career in Sports and Youth Development, plus 15 years in Further Education as a lecturer and leading large pastoral teams. During this time I have worked with a huge number of young people as they picked their way through difficult life decisions and educational challenges.

I have experience of supporting practising clinicians at the University of Exeter juggle their post graduate studies with their working and personal lives. I also give time to Young Devon, a local charity, to provide support to people aged 10 to 24 years who are seen as victims of a wide range of crimes. My clients are a mix of ages and backgrounds. Together, we are able to realise our ability to be led by our thinking and that we will always be pointed back to the innate well-being that is already there.


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