Mandy Spray

Teenage Wisdom

I am a Wellbeing Coach and Mentor based in the UK. I am a Mum of two young adults and have absolutely loved spending time with them and getting to know how they see the world!
I have worked with teenagers and young adults, including those going through ‘special’ education or support services. I also work with parents and support professionals. To me it’s all about having a different conversation (with a lot of listening!) in order to help people to make sense of life and what’s going on for them.
I write blogs and stories, some of which can be found on my website and I’m also a Trustee for a wonderful Charity that makes amazing music with adults with learning disabilities in order to change public perceptions.
I run Making Sense of Life retreats here in the UK and am co-founder of an organisation that shares an understanding of the three principles with people experiencing chronic and long term health conditions, in particular those on low income.


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