Kimberley Hare

How To Truly Thrive As A Human Being

After more than 30 years years leading a highly successful consulting firm, I found myself drawn to a deeper, more profound approach to making a difference in the world. These days, my work is underpinned by the inside-out nature of the human experience – and I spend my time facilitating workshops and retreats with groups, as well as coaching individuals. I came to this understanding having immersed myself in a variety of approaches over the years – including the Neuroscience of Leadership, Engagement and Culture Change, Positive Psychology, Social Psychology and Influencing, NLP, and Brain-Friendly Learning. I am the author of two best-selling books about the brain and learning, and a CpF (Certified Professional Faciitator) with the IAF. I have been certified by Michael Neill as a Master Transformative Coach. My latest book “The He’Art of Thriving: Musings on the Human Experience” was published in June 2017.


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