John El-Mokadem

How To Mend A Broken Heart

John El-Mokadem is a Breakthrough Coach based in the UK with 15 years’ coaching experience, providing both personal and corporate coaching, training and mentorship services. He has worked with clients of all ages – from the age of 8 to 80, learning from some of the top success and performance coaches in the world, studying and exploring what enables us to really be at our best, helping to guide his clients to make their own breakthroughs. The transformations John witnesses are often life changing, as clients gain a deeper understanding of how their minds work, enabling them to experience a healthier, happier, more successful and creative life. But perhaps most importantly, underneath all the labels, John is a human being who has lived and struggled like all of us do.  He sees his struggles as a gift these days – an opportunity to open up and understand more about what this life is and to share what he has learned to help others to live happier lives.  He is really looking forward to coming and sharing with the Secret of Everything group!


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