Elizabeth Lovius

How to help other (young) people see their innate wellbeing

Leadership Wellbeing Coach & Co-Founder Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective
Elizabeth is a Leadership Wellbeing Coach and Social Entrepreneur specialising in resilience, relationships and wellbeing. She has over 25 years experience consulting in a variety of business sectors including: Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Creative Media, Social Enterprise, Start-up and Sports Elizabeth works at the Executive level delivering projects and consultancy that help individual leaders, teams and organisations have the resilience, wisdom and wellbeing needed to deliver sustainable real change and results.

As a Social Entrepreneur, Elizabeth’s mission is to contribute to a global shift in wellbeing, one human being at a time. She is Founder of the Social Enterprise: The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective – a multi-disciplined network of experienced practitioners who deliver social projects of real change that enable wellbeing for everyone – for young people, for adults, for business, for the planet.


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