Dicken Bettinger

Your Life Can Be Easier Than You Think - The 2 Secrets of Everything!

Dicken Bettinger started his career teaching high school English. He loved teaching and he loved his students. Dicken looked younger than most of his students so many of them came to him to talk about problems they were having. This began his interest in finding out what he could teach people that would help them have an easier time in life. He went back to get his masters and doctorate in counseling psychology. Then he became licensed as a psychologist. He continued to love helping teens and their families have an easier time in life. His whole career has been dedicated to the well being that is always found deep within people. He has also taught leadership and well being in large companies. Now he enjoys leading seminars in well being throughout the US and Europe. He co-authored a book called Coming Home.
He has two kids and 3 adored grandkids. He enjoys photography, hiking, canoeing, and traveling the world.


Welcome to The Secret of Everything!

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