Christa Campsall

Bio & Resources

Christa is a teacher who is in service to support youth through a story-based book “My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World.” All the stories in this book are true and show the possibilities for a happy life filled with well-being —despite any past circumstances.
For many years, Christa has benefitted from an understanding she encountered when she was 21yo and a “pre-service” teacher at the University of BC. At that time, she was introduced by Sydney Banks, to what today is called the “Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.”

These principles reveal the foundation of the human experience, and give people an understanding of their own well-being and mental health. When there is an understanding, we learners “own” the knowledge, and can use it for our lifelong benefit.

This knowledge reveals the capability of living with a feeling of optimism and seeing life anew. How great is that?!


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