Chrissy Kelly

Overcoming Difficult Beginnings Is Possible - For All

I grew up in two foster homes and two children’s homes where I suffered significant trauma, abandonment, sexual abuse, in true life contrast I also had a lot of fun and freedom growing up with 20 other young people and no parents! I am a searcher for answers and an encourager of others and have immense gratitude for my start in life. I remember thinking at around age 6 when told by a carer, “life was only about work and a roof over your head”, thinking that does not sound much FUN.

Over the last 14 years I have the privilege of working with young people age 11-18 and mentored vulnerable young people in care, supporting their education in the traditional and non-traditional way. I knows this thought understanding makes peace and acceptance possible. I now have a start up business Fabulous Thinking where I share my story, training courses, learnings and unlearning of what is possible for all our wise young people.


Welcome to The Secret of Everything!

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